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" It is not enough to want change.... You have to create change. "
T. C. Chyung


I signed up as a WebDocsNetwork Consultant on the evening of December 26th, 2012. With being preoccupied with the holidays, family activities, kids at home etc, I didn't do much with my new opportunity, and of course, wanted to know more about WebDocsNetwork and how to promote the service. I went a couple of presentations and brought my wife with, who really liked what she saw.

I got more involved and low and behold, January 22nd, while trying to stand up from a seating position, my back went out! The pain almost dropped me to the floor. I had no idea what happened. After thinking about it, I believe it was from carrying 2 boxes of tile downstairs the previous day, remodeling our one bathroom. Having turned 60 just a few weeks earlier, I guess I should have taken only 1 at a time!

So, this threw me into high gear, setting up my profile, so I could utilize the service! I followed the easy to follow instructions, filling out my profile. (I never knew there were so many illnesses, diseases and medications), anyway, it took about 15 minutes to fill out everything and I then clicked the "call" button.
My iPhone was next to my laptop and within about 8 seconds.....yes....8 seconds, my phone rang. It was a message and then automatically rang to the Doctor I had picked, where I was then speaking live to the Doctor's office! She had my information up on her screen, reviewing my information and was more concerned about my symptoms! We were on for about 7 minutes when she told me she would have the Doctor call me in a few minutes. I asked if she could give me about 15 minutes, since I was moving slowly and needed to take a shower.
Well, I believe it was almost exactly 15 minutes, when my phone rang and it was the Doctor himself. He had read the notes and wanted to confirm what he read, directly from me and I must say, he was truly concerned. According to my phone, we spoke for about 6 minutes, where he told me to see a Chiropractor as soon as possible, take Naproxin and ice my back.
Well, I booked the Chiropractor that afternoon and he reiterated what the MD had told me earlier.
I have been getting therapy for about 3 weeks now and am right around 90%. I also received a follow up call on Feb 5th asking how I found the service.
I could not believe the ease, quickness and the professional service I received. I have had insurance for most of my life and currently have Blue Cross, but I have rarely had a call directly from my Doctor....maybe their office, but not directly from the MD.

George M, Illinois
January, 2013

I am a WebDocsNetwork Consultant, and I had a chance to use this fantastic service for the first time on Friday afternoon. I was hit with a really bad stomach problem on Thursday that kept me kneeling in front of the toilet on and off for a 12 hour span. I was afraid that it was that nasty stomach flu that is going around at the present time. I got on the computer at 4:15pm on Friday afternoon and logged on to set up a consultation. I explained my problem and hit send. Less than a minute later, I received an email message saying that I had an appointment with the doctor at 4:31pm. At 4:30pm, the phone rang and it was the doctor. We talked and after me explaining what was wrong, he reassured me that it was only a 24hr type bug, and that I should be fine, which I was. Thank you, WebDocsNetwork. Everyone needs to take advantage of this amazing service.

Phil D, Illinois
January 2013

WebDocsNetwork has done it AGAIN!!!! Saved me all the hassle of the doctor's office and I got to avoid all the sick people. Best part, it was FREE!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Tonya G., California
January 2013

I did a foolish thing!!!! I let my prescription for my blood pressure medicine run out at Christmas, and no refills were on it! Thankfully I have a backup plan, I called WebDocsNetwork and a physician called me back promptly. I explained my problem and he called a prescription into my local pharmacy. Made me so happy!

Deanna C, Kentucky
December 2012

WOW I am impressed with WebDocsNetwork! Yesterday I started to get a toothache which became worse today. I called my dentist office only to find out they are closed for the holiday. I was not sure if WebDocsNetwork could help me but I decided to call anyway. I picked up the phone and made an appointment and the doctor called me back in less than 10 minutes. I explained my problem and he called in a prescription for me for some Amoxicillin. I went to the pharmacy to pick it up and it only cost $4.00. Tonight I am already feeling better. This is a fabulous program. Everyone needs this!

Randy S, Arkansas
December 2012

I am not happy today! Yesterday I had to have a lab test done, ordered by my physician I am seeing. The lab test cost $78! The same lab test only cost me $53 through my WebDocsNetwork service!! Two in person physician visits in one month cost me $421 and he really didn't do anything for me! One month of WebDocsNetwork cost me only $39.95 and my online Doctor did more for me! Better service & more cost effective!!!

Sandra G, Washington
December 2012

My daughter Lauren just had a fabulous experience with one of the WebdocsNetowk physicians! She got a call back within 10 minutes of filling out the consultation request form for a bad ear-ache she has had all day today. Ear drops and antibiotics were called in to CVS pharmacy and ready to be picked up! Lauren has private insurance with a $50 office visit copayment. Very happy!

Lisa G, Florida
December 2012

WebDocsNetwork continues to amaze me. I had a physician consultation today and the doctor immediately wrote me two prescriptions and admonished me (just a little) about waiting so long for treatment. She followed that up with a very nice e-mail telling me how she didn't want me to not feel well over the holidays and that she wanted to make sure I got well soon. Then the pharmacy e-mailed me when my prescriptions were ready. This 10 minute phone call saved me at least 2 hours of my time plus $50 in a co-pay. Thank you WebDocsNetwork. You are the best!! I couldn't live without you.

Cynthia T, California
December 2012

Today I had an appointment with a specialist. He sent a prescription over to the pharmacy so when I got there it would be ready. Mind you I currently have Medi Medi for prescriptions. When I got to the pharmacy and ready to pick up my medication, I learned my medi medi did not cover this medication (again). Although my webDocs RX plan did cover part of the payment. The clerk told me I had to pay $56.42. I thought "wow" too much, until she told me the whole price of $389.99. The pharmacist also told me I must have pretty good coverage because most plans only cover 5 or 6 pills and I got 90. I was then happy. I saved $333 with a FREE RX card and I got a large amount of medication that I need!

Lisa J, California
December, 2012

I joined WebDocsNetwork on November 28th, 2012 because I had been suffering from a severe upper respiratory condition. After about 3 days I decided to use the service. I called and was given an appointment within 20 minutes, The physician called me 15 minutes after the appointment was made. He took the time to actually listen to me as I described the symptoms I was having and even listened to my breathing over the phone.

I thought he was going to prescribe me something strong to kill the infection since everything I had taken over the counter was not working. But instead he was very honest with me and told me that for my condition, it would be a waste of money and wouldn't help the problem. He then educated me on what was exactly going on with my body and gave me some practical ways I could defeat this thing over time without prescription drugs.

I really appreciated the fact that he cared enough about my condition to tell me the truth and saved me the trouble of having to spend money on something that was not going to help me. I took his advice and ever since then I have been getting better and better.

In my opinion, WebDocsNetwork is an invaluable service in the fight against common non-emergency ailments and the fact that I can get hold of a licensed "board certified" physician when ever I need one anytime day or night, 24/7, 365 days a year is just something you cannot put a price one. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Ken M, Oregon
December, 2012

I joined WebDocsNetwork on 08/08/12, because I have no medical coverage and had developed a condition which needed medical attention. The second week of July, I had developed severe pain in all my joints and cramping knots in the muscles in my arms, legs, shoulders and back. The cramping knots would cramp all night long keeping me from sleeping and in 10+ pain level. I also began losing weight even though I was eating a lot.

I did not request a WDN consult right away after joining, but finally broke down on a Sat afternoon and made the call. The person who schedules the consults took my info and said the doctor would be calling me within 15-30 minutes. I was surprised when the doctor called me within 10 minutes!

I explained my condition to the WDN doctor and he felt I needed a comprehensive medical exam. I agreed, but I am on very low social security and only had a few more months before I qualified for Medicare. The WDN doctor understood my situation and then helped by prescribing a couple of medications he felt would help until I could afford to been seen outside WDN. The prescriptions were faxed to the pharmacy of my choice, which was closing within a few minutes & since I know the pharmacy owner, they were filled right away & the owner dropped them off at my house since he drives by where I live on his way home. From the time I scheduled the consultation to the time I had the meds in hand, it had been less than 2 hours!!! That was great and the meds really helped!!!

Since then, I have had several follow up consultations and the WDN doctor keeps in touch through the message system. The WDN doctor was still concerned about me because I was still losing weight & not doing so well. I do have a thyroid condition, so the WDN doctor asked how my last thyroid TSH test went. I gave him the info and he was greatly concerned because he saw an error in the way the last doctor I had seen misread the test results. The WDN doctor then asked if I would be willing to have a new thyroid TSH test done & I agreed. I also told the WDN doctor that for a few weeks I had been experiencing what I called "episodes". My husband, who was an ER RN & Charge Nurse for almost 30 years, said I was having what he called "Thyroid Storms". This really concerned the WDN doctor, so I Googled "Thyroid Storm" and scared myself!!! I had the blood draw for the TSH test and the results were sent to the WDN doctor and sure enough, I was on to much thyroid medication. So, he had me skip a day & then take only a half a tablet until after I see a doctor outside WDN. And I will be having a follow up testing through WDN in 6-8 weeks. I had made an apt to see a local doctor on Sept 30th, only the soonest I could be seen was Nov 1st,....31 days later!!!

Thank goodness for WDN and the doctor there helping me during this wait as I could have easily died waiting for the appointment! I know I could have gone to the ER with my condition, but the last time I was in the ER I got stuck with a $27K+ bill I still cannot pay!!! So, as far as I am concerned, the WDN doctor saved my life in more ways than one and this is the best program ever!!!!

Sandra G, Washington
October, 2012

Monday morning I woke up with bad stomach cramps at 3:30, and had no idea why. The pain was bad enough I couldn't go back to sleep. Being a nutritionist and CPR caregiver, I could rule out a heart attack, but still had know no reason for my pain.

I started researching the internet for such stomach pains, and was passing time hoping the pain would go away. Finally at 5am, I knew that I would have to call to work and take the day off so I try and get a "work in" into the doctor's office when they open at 9am.

Then I had a revelation and remembered that I did not have to wait to be seen by a doctor! I am a member of WebDocsNetwork, and have access to a board certified Doctor via webcam or phone, 24/7, 365 days a year. "Doctor on Demand" I call it.

I got online and scheduled my appointment, and within 15 minutes I was face to face with a real doctor from the comfort of my home in my pajamas! After a few minutes of medical history, questions, symptoms, we agreed that I should take some antacid, and see if the pain goes away. If the pain persists longer than 2 hours, then go see a doctor.

Well, my pain did go away shortly, and I was glad that I didn't panic and over react driving to the emergency room, and I didn't waste hours in the doctor's office. WebDocNetwork sure paid off for me, and I am very pleased with the whole experience!

Thank you for making this service so easy, affordable, and convenient,

Tim H., Georgia
October, 2012

I had an asthma attack at WalMart. All of their medications were on recall. There was no way I could go from store to store to get help. In the midst of my panic, I used the WebDocsNetwork "Doctor on Call" feature and he could hear me wheezing. I told him where I was and what the issue was. He sent a prescription to the WalMart pharmacy for me. I walked right over and gave them my discount prescription card, and walked out very happy and able to breathe. I will always use this service.

Sharmaine M., California
October, 2012

I used my WebDocsNetwork Rx Discount card today at the pharmacy for my pet's prescription. This was at WalMart. No problems at all, and I saved big over what I would have paid at the vet. The vet had no problem at all writing me a prescription to take to the pharmacy, and it was easy as pie to use. I love this business. It is here to help everyone.

Gemma O., Ohio
October, 2012

I called over the weekend because I was having problems getting my medications and felt like I needed a different medication that I would be able to afford much easier. The doctor took about 5 minutes to call me and we talked about how long I had been on my medications for depression and I told him I felt like I needed something else and he was very helpful in prescribing me something else and he called it in with in 5 minutes and I had me new medicine on a Saturday evening! AWESOME!! I have never been able to talk to a doctor on a weekend must less on a Saturday Evening and get my medicine the same evening!! Thank you so much WEBDOCSNETWORK!!

Julia R, Texas
October, 2012

My name is Eul E. Speed, I had a wonderful experience with WebDocsNetwork last weekend. I was sick with some kind of virus, throwing up everything and a fever as well. I called in to my WebDocsNetwork number for a doctor to call me back within 30 minutes. I had a doctor call me, speak with me for a few minutes and was written a prescription to get me back on track. It was at my pharmacy in a couple of hours and the prescription only cost .55 cents WOW!!!! I really appreciate this program. It is wonderful!!!

Eul S, Texas
October, 2012

I signed up about three weeks ago with WebDocsNetwork. I was taking my meds one morning and realized that I needed a refill on my Soma and my Welbutrin so I went to my back office and set me a appointment for the same day. Within the hour the doctor had called and talked to me for about 10 minutes and I told him what I needed and he was very nice and refilled my meds just like that and I had my meds refilled and talked to a doctor all within a hour and without having to leave my home! If I would have to go to the doctor, me being without insurance, I would have had to pay for a $120 doctor visit then the gas we would have had to use getting to the doctor and the pharmacy which we live 30 miles from the nearest town. So the way I look at it I saved about $200 by using WebDocsNetwork! Totally Fantastic!! I love WebDocsNetwork!!

Julia R., Texas
October, 2012

I recently was experiencing itching on my underarms. My doctor told me to use hydrocortisone cream. It didn't help and nothing else did either. After a few weeks the rash had spread and the itching was unbearable. I called WebDocsNetwork and had a consultation with a physician. I described the condition and the doctor immediately recognized my ailment as a fungal infection. He called in a prescription for an antifungal lotion and also recommended that I take an over the counter allergy reliever such as Claritin to control the itching . Within 1 day I noticed a remarkable improvement. Within 5 days my infection had cleared up completely. It I had gone to urgent care for this I would have been waiting hours to be seen and had to pay a $50 co-pay. I love the WebDocsNetwork service. I have used it several times and each and every time, the doctors have diagnosed my problem accurately and I get immediate relief.

Cynthia T., California
October, 2012

As a new founding consultant, I looked forward to using the service when I legitimately had a need. Well, last week I connected with a doctor at 8:30 pm last Friday evening due to a persistent cough for over two weeks. He diagnosed me, did not need to prescribe any meds, just over the counter stuff. Smooth connection, quick, the doctor was very personable, as if he were truly in my home visiting me. End result, one week later, I have no cough, saved a $30 co-pay that I would have had to pay with my current insurance company, plus I did not need to take time off of work as well as saved money by not having to pay for meds! I am sold on this service! Great job WebDocsNetwork!

David S., California
October, 2012

I'd just like to leave a note and let you know how much I appreciate the WebDocsNetwork service.

I had called in my ongoing prescription on a Thursday afternoon to be picked up on Friday. When I didn't receive a call that my prescriptions were ready to pick up, I called my pharmacy. I was told that my doctor would not fulfill my prescription without an office visit. This was Friday night of a holiday weekend and I was nearly out of my critically important blood pressure meds. Neither my doctor, nor my pharmacy seemed to feel that I should have been appraised of this situation and I was left in the dark and running out of my life saving medications.

I scheduled an online appointment through WebDocsNetwork and within ten minutes was contacted by a doctor who was able to assess the situation and order the prescriptions I needed. They were ready the next morning and thanks to your service, I was able to avoid a potentially catastrophic situation.

Gary D, Illinois
October, 2012

Morning... just wanted to share a personal testimony regarding the WebDocsNetwork system.

Yesterday, my wife woke to some severe pain and thought it might be a bladder infection. At 6:43 am she contacted WebDocsNetwork for an appointment to see a doctor. At 7:00 am, the Doctor contacted her back and within a few minutes had diagnosed it and prescribed an antibiotic! By 9:00 am when the pharmacy opened, she had her antibiotic and today she's feeling much better.

Two things....

1. Using our insurance she would have had to wait for the doctor's office to open before she could call, and would have then had to miss at least half a day of school (she's a teacher) before getting a prescription.

2. The cost of that visit would have included co-pay and deductibles at around $120.00 .... instead, the entire cost was $4 for her Rx!

I really like WebDocsNetwork!

David W., Texas
September 2012

This is so amazing because I have a bad hip and I called and had a prescription for pain and muscle relaxers within two hours and picked them up 11miles from my house!!

Julia R, Texas
September, 2012

I've Got A testimony;

Yesterday, Thursday, September 20, 2012 about 10:00am I started driving to work. While driving in less than 20 minutes, 3 times I had irregular eye movements, blurred, double vision and dizziness that interfered with my ability to drive. My sensation was that my surroundings were spinning. Upon reaching my destination I felt lightheaded, faint, un-steady and found it very difficult to stand or walk.

God sent me some angels, my neighbors came by to make a purchase and found me unbalanced and not able to walk. She called her brother to take me to the hospital. That was the last place I wanted to go. I'm a senior with a fixed income. I knew that it would cost several hundreds of dollars to go to the emergency room. I asked my neighbor to drive me to the clinic where I was an out-patient. There were no doctors, or nurses on staff at this time. I asked my neighbor to take me to Walgreen to get my vitals, and my blood pressure was normal.

I said just take me home and let me call the WebDocsnetwork. I logged in with the consultations button. I dialed MD Live Care telephone #. My call was answered in 5 minutes. I was asked a few medical history questions and what was my current pharmacy. I was told the name of the doctor and the telephone # he would use to call me. That was at 6:30pm. At 6:45pm, Dr. Robert Galamaga called and asked about my symptoms. He diagnosed my symptoms as Vertigo. 15 minutes later, he had sent a prescription to the pharmacy I had on record. The pharmacy was very busy and I was told that the prescription would be filled in an hour. I had picked up my prescription and was home by 8:45 P.M.

The cost was a total of $11.00 for medication, not hundreds of dollars. I did not sit in the emergency room for hours.

I called the doctor from the comfort of my home.

Maple R, Illinois
September 2012

Here is another awesome WebDocsNetwork experience. AS ALWAYS...It happened to me on a SUNDAY. I have horrific headaches that come and do not leave on their on. I signed on clicked to SEE DOC on CALL. Within 10 minutes Doc called. Spent over 15 minutes with me discussing my issues and medical problems. Then less than an hour while I was on my way to the pharmacy(which is 45 miles away) I got a text my RX was waiting. When I went to pay I gave them my card and saved 50% on my Rx.

I have wonderful Insurance. It pays very well but I still have those copays and % of ER visits. My total doctor visit and two scripts cost me a TOTAL of $8.64. There is NO WAY anyone can touch these incredible services.

Tonya G, Texas
Septemnber, 2012

ONE MORE wonderful WEBDOC Rx savings. My parents used the Rx card today for a savings of $47 on ONE Rx.

Tonya G, Texas
September, 2012

I just wanted to echo Renee's sentiments in her earlier posting. I am 66 years old and joined WDN because of the business opp. I figured that I just wouldn't need the tele-medicine service since I am on medicare. Then, by chance, I became a "product of the product". I live in the Rocky Mtns in Colorado. My regular doctor is 50 miles West of where I live. I was visiting my kids who live 60 miles East of me which left me 110 miles from my doctor. I came down with "gout" (I didn't know it at the time). It was very painful and I didn't want to make the 110 mile drive to the doctor's office ( I couldn't have gotten in to see the doctor until the next day). If my regular doctor had prescribed any medications it is a 90 mile drive back to the pharmacy in Ft Collins, CO and a 60 mile drive back up to my home. To make a long story short, I decided to try the service. It was amazing. 1. A 45 minute extremely through consultation with a great doctor. 2. A diagnoses of gout. 3. A prescription called in to my pharmacy. 4. I picked up the medication. *** All done in 4.5 hours - Simply amazing to me!

Charlie B, Colorado
September, 2012

This weekend we had the opportunity to experience our first consultation with a doctor, using our WebDocs Network membership. I signed up a friend as a WebDocs Network consultant; well she woke up Saturday morning (Labor Day Weekend) with sore throat, body aches, fever and a terrible cough. She really felt and sounded terrible so we called WebDocs Network and scheduled a consultation with a doctor. Within 10 minutes the doctor called back asked her a few questions looked at her medical history and then prescribed a cough medicine and an antibiotic to her local pharmacy. She took the medications right away on Sunday morning slept all day on Sunday and on Monday was much better and on Tuesday was able to go back to work.

Now here is the really GREAT part about this: even though she has really good insurance she did not have to spend one dime out of pocket. No Copay or Deductible for urgent care or emergency room to get the medication she needed to get better. She didn't have to miss any work due to illness (lost wages) and she is not going to contaminate everybody else at work! We are so glad that we have this service!

Weather you have insurance or not WebDocs Network is a fantastic service to have that will allow you to save time, energy and money on your healthcare. And since we are WebDocs Network consultants and have referred 3 people our service is FREE!

Renee S, Texas
September, 2012

I have used WebDocsNetwork 3 times for consultations. It works just as promised. I scheduled a consultation using my website and every time the doctor called me within 15 minutes. I have a recurring illness that I go to urgent care for frequently. Now I don't have to go to urgent care and wait and wait and wait AND have a copay. WebDocsNetwork saves me time AND money. Each time the doctor has written me a prescription and I have picked it up in 1 hour - no waiting at the pharmacy either! On my last consultation, I had a doctor's appointment right at my desk at work!!! Then on my lunch hour I picked up the prescription.

I can't say enough good things about WebDocs Network. I just recommended it to a relative who was up in the middle of the night with a coughing baby. For nonemergency illnesses, WebDocsNetwork is a God send.

Cynthia T, California
August, 2012

My name is Sandra Goodell and I have no medical coverage, so I joined WebDocsNetwork because of some physical problems I have had lately. I set up an apt to have a doctor consult today, 08/11/12, and within 10 minutes the doctor called me. We discussed my problem and I do need a comprehensive exam, but in the mean time, the doctor prescribed 2 medications to help me until I can get an exam. From the time of the doctor call until I got the 2 prescriptions, it has only been less than 3 hours! I took the medication immediately and again before going to bed. That night was the first full night's sleep I had had in weeks and I felt so much better the next day. My pain level has been greatly reduced and I am now feeling much better.

I am extremely happy with Web Docs Network as it has already saved me the expense of having to go to an Emergency Room for treatment plus the time it would have taken to go that route!!! I highly recommend WebDocsNetwork to everyone! Thank you.

Sandra G, Washington
August, 2012

I tried the service today for my first consultation, before I was finished on the computer the phone rang, it was the Doctor asking how she could help. This was so simple and easy. what an awesome experience for my first try. Thanks WebDocsNetwork.

Traci P, Illinois
August, 2012

ONE MORE GREAT WEBDOCS EXPERIENCE......Clicked for a doctor...within 20 minutes got a call. Doc talk to me for about 10 minutes. Sent in script for me and ask me to email him in a week and let him know how the meds are working. NO COPAY...NO TRAVELING. Greatest part I am out of town at my friends so I did not have a doctor here to see so I avoided a Minor Emergency Visit and was able to get started on my meds.

Tonya G, Texas
August, 2012

The Prescription Discount Card program is such an amazing benefit to be able of offer people. These savings are significant, especially for those of us that need ongoing medications. In my case, $84.00 a month was reduced to $41.00. I'm thrilled!

Gene A, Illinois
August, 2012

I just had a consultation with the WebDocsNetwork physician. It was in my view amazing. I am very impressed. I thought that I was (am) having an acute gout attack and am 130 miles from my primary care doctor. The doctor took a long time asking questions and explaining everything that I needed to know. Confirmed the gout diagnosis and then called in two prescriptions for me. A big time, travel and money saver.

Chuck B, Colorado
August, 2012

Just got off the phone with a doctor to get some advice and I was very pleased with the way he listened and asked questions to get the right understanding but not only that after I thought our call was over, he then asked me other than the advice given do I have any history of any illness and have I been feeling well and healthy lately and that what really made me smile cause he had a concern and took the time to make sure that everything else is fine. This doctor was very pleased with the way I told him how I walk a lot because as you know it helps our respiratory and he really made me feel good and that's the kind of doctor and service we want. And since WebDocsNetwork came along we can now have the peace of mind and access anytime we want to make our health and life's easier.

Deaven B, California
Aug., 2012

WebDocsNetwork Rocks again. Called in for an appointment and the Doc called right away. Not only did she write a prescription for me but is ordering some test to see why I keep getting it. By the way, I am at work right now and had a doctor's appointment at my work desk!!! This is so awesome I can't even believe it. Well, I believe it! :)

Cynthia T, California

I have another testimonial about WebDocsnetwork. My physical therapist suggested that I have my doctor prescribe a topical anti-inflammatory gel. I called my primary and sure enough she is on vacation so her nurse said to go to urgent care - just to get a prescription for the stuff!!! I called WebDocsNetwork, schedules a consultation and the doctor called in a prescription for me. So I saved $20 co-pay but more importantly my time. I save a few hours easy just by calling WebDocsNetwork.

Wow, I have been short of breath for a few days and decided to call for a consultation. I had an appointment within minutes and a doctor on the phone within the hour. I told him what was wrong and he told me to go to the ER so I did. I found out I have several clots in my lungs but thanks to his advise, I'm in the hospital being treated. So this case where it was needed for me to see a live doctor but I appreciate the counsel. I guess you could say WebDocsNetwork helped save my live./

Carolyn K, Kentucky

I am being discharged from the hospital. I am thankful that I called Thursday night and come into the ER. I owe WebDocsNetwork my life !!!

Carolyn K, Kentucky

Had a consultation last night around midnight. Even though it was not a serious condition, it was taken seriously... By having this consultation so late in the evening, reaffirms how great the service really is. It is one thing to tell people that you can have a consultation at any time of the day or night, but it is so much better when you can share your experience about it.

Daniel Y, Texas

I am a busy professional, who like many others does not time for the most important things in my life, my health! As a result I rarely if almost never use a Doctor until it is life threatening, usually requiring an ER visit. Since most symptoms of any injury or illness are worse at night, and with the rest you receive at night feel better in the AM, but then you quickly deteriorate by evening again a health visit then becomes more crucial.

In April I hurt my back at work, I am a Home Health Care Nurse, I had to see a Doctor. When I did phone to get an appointment (rather than go to ER), it took me 1.5 weeks to get to see the Doctor. He did not want to prescribe anything or do much without total ex rays of my back, leaving me in pain still and not being able to function. Just after my appointment and with the meds he gave me not working, I was introduced to WebdocsNetwork. A week or so later I decided to call them for relief from my back pain. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with this Service, the Doctor who attended me, his attention to detail and how he " actually listended" to what I had to say. He had an awesome "bedside manner" and asked me if I had any questions, he was very kind and polite. He prescibed me a presciption strength medication of an OTC type and I was amazed that there was such a difference and explained to me how and why this medicine would work and the other did not. The presciption strength medicine worked where the OTC did not!

I used the Service again a couple of weeks later and was again amazed at that same professional service and care that I received. I did ask this time if the original Doctor that saw me before was available, that I would like to see him again if possible? Guess who called me back? In both instances when I entered the Webdocs Portal and requested a Doctor, I received a phone call back within in five minutes to verify who I was and that I was who i sad I was. They then sent the message to the Doctor, who again phone me within a few short minutes. To top it off - and which really impressed me, is that the Webdocs team will do a followup phone call a day or so after your visit to make sure your service was good, and did you have any question or suggestions. Now - how often does the practitioner you have now do that?

I would highly recommend this service to anyone . I am pleased to have a business opportunity as well with Webdocs as I was looking for something in the medical field so that I could continue in the Health Care field, knowing that I would not be able to do bedside nursing again after my back injury. This one is PERFECT!!!

Beth W., Texas

OK Guys...Expreience #3...Today I had to call in for a doctor. Within 30 minutes I had a thorough consultation and RX called in to my pharmacy. The doctor told me if I had any problems to email him directly. Also, if I was not completely over this sinus infection that is giving me fits in 5 days to email him and he would change my Rx to a stronger one for a longer time.

First off...He spent more time with me than any doctor does...Now tell me how many doctors will tell you to email them if you have any more problems...None that I am aware of!!!

This was my 3rd time to use the service. I have good insurance but I would rather use this service when I can rather than going to doctor. It generally takes 30 minutes just to get an appointment scheduled and most likely that can not see you today or if so you have to be worked in...Now you feel bad enough withour sitting in the doctor's office with a room full of sick people!!!!

Read this Carefully...
It was 30 minutes from time I sit down at the computer to schedule appointment to my Rx being called in to my pharmacy...Just does not get any better than this folks and most of all...This cost me nothing!!! I have my 3 people under me and my services are free!!!!

Thank you WebDOcsNetwork for the awesome services offered and the great opportunity!!!!

Tonya G., Texas

I had a consultation with a physician on Saturday for a backache. The doctor told me that the OTC medication I was taking would not help relieve my pain. He advised me to switch to a different OTC pain-killer, what dosage to take and to put ice on it. No drive to the doctor's office, no long wait to see the doctor, and no co-pay. I'm feeling much better today! Thanks WebDocsNetwork!!

Sharon S., Georgia

I just wanted to share my experience with the care that I received from WebDocsNetwork! I became a consultant of WebDocsNetwork just a short time ago and what a blessing it has become! I like so many others do not have insurance yet I work almost full-time! I had starting feeling some familiar pain in my mouth and had a horrible earache one day! Well that turned into 2 days, then 3 and then I thought OMG I cannot take this pain any longer and surely cannot work this way!! Then it just hit me....OMG I have this WebDocsNetwork....but can they really help me...I mean it was dental related or so I had thought! But I was in so much pain, someone had to help! I worked this particular day so I went to my WebDocsNetwork site and set up an appointment for when I got off of work at 9:00 pm! At 9:00 pm on the dot a doctor called me!!! We talked briefly about my symptoms, my health (you fill out a health record when you join) and the treatment options that the doctor believed would help me! He knew what I needed which was a prescription for amoxicillin and that is precisely what I got! Since it was 9:00 pm and I am also without car (even more reason this has been so wonderful) I had to wait until the next morning! I called the pharmacy that was my choice when I set up my profile and sure enough the prescription was filled and waiting for me and it was FREE! I live in Florida and a local grocery store (Publix) gives amoxicillin for FREE! Since someone wonderful had paid it forward to me to join WebDocsNetwork, whole experience has cost me NOTHING and I got so much....my pain is gone and I have a wonderful business/service to share with who will ever listen to me!! Thank you so much for making it possible to have a FREE healthcare option that works for me based on well....ME!!!

Julie R., Florida

Talk about awesome and amazing.

At 6:53 pm CST. I logged into my back office and clicked consultations. I was taken to the consultations mode. I filled out my info and requested a consultation at 6:55 pm CST. At 6:59 pm CST I received a message that my appointment was scheduled for 7:09 pm CST. At exactly 7:09 pm CST, the doctor phoned me, we discussed my symptoms and my history. He said he would call in a presciption to the pharmacy for me. We hung up the phone at 7:18 pm CST.

I don't care if you have health insurance or not, this service is just amazing and a great supplement to have even if you have insurance. Especially when we can get it for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing a little happy dance right now...........

I personally don't have health insurance since I am self-employed so it saved me soooooooooooooo much money and sooooooooooooooo much time.

Stacy F., Texas

My night just keeps getting better. I just got back home from picking up my prescription that the doctor called in for me. I started this whole process at 6:55 pm CST. I was able to pick up my prescription at 8:45 pm CST. I used the Rx card from our back office and saved over 50%. The meds were $89.00, but by using the card from WebDocsNetwork, I got the meds for $42.00!!! Woohoo, for someone feeling a little under the weather, I feel pretty good right about now. Normally, a doctor visit and a trip to the pharmacy makes me feel worse, not better !!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy F., Texas

This weekend I had the opportunity to experience my first consultation with a physician, utilizing my WebDocsNetwork membership. I was totally surprised and grateful to get such rapid attention. From the time that I clicked in at my WebDocsNetwork site and requested an appointment it took less than 15 minutes.

My call was received by a specialist, who confirmed my medical information and symptoms. She read me my rights regarding privacy and confidentiality. Shortly thereafter I received phone call from the doctor. We reviewed my symptoms and I mentioned that I preferred a more natural holistic approach. While she was willing to prescribe conventional medicine, she respected my wishes and agreed to suggest healing remedies based on Holistic medicine. I am happy and confident to recommend WebDocsNetwork for non-emergency visits. Thank you.

Frances W., Florida

Another great experience with WebDocsNetwork...I have not fully recovered from the ear/sore throat I had called in with about a week ago. So logged in scheduled a visit with Doc on Call and within 30 Minutes, my Rx had been called in. The doctor I had my consultation with was so caring to make sure I had not just amn antibiotic but cough and nasal meds. I can not say that for the Doctor I go and pay $30 copay and they charge my insurance $200+ and spend half day waiting in the doc office with all the sick people. So loving my WebDocsNetwork!!!!! Not to mention direct deposits in my PayPal account!!! ONE MORE TIME.....THANKS YOU FOR THE AWESOME SERVICE OFFERED AND OPPORTUNITY!!!!

Tonya G, Texas

I would like to post my experience with WebDocsnetwork.

I came in today from work, and was not feeling well. Knowing everyone else in the house has been sick the past week I decided I would contact the doctor.

Within 15 minutes I had talk to the Dr. and he had called me in a prescription. Not only did I save half a day going to the doctor and the gas it would have taken to get there I alsosaved my $30 copay plus got to avoid sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of sick people.

I am very thankful to the person who introduced me to WebDocsNetwork and the wonderful business opportunity they offer.

Tonya G, Texas

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